IEEE Smart Cities and Transportation Symposium

Join the City of Toronto, Seimens Canada and IEEE to explore the technology and methods in transforming our city into a smart city. Details below!

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Abstract & Agenda:

Intelligent infrastructure paves the way for smarter, more integrated systems that keep economies running and contribute to economic success, efficiency savings, and economics of scales. Buildings not only offer space for working and living, they are also capital investments. Their value can be maintained only if they are operated cost-effectively. A constant reliable energy supply is central for economic growth and stability, as well as social wellbeing. However today’s grids were not designed to handle the growing power requirements or the increasing proportion of fluctuating power generated from renewable sources. Transportation of people and goods is a top priority for metropolitan areas. Population growth, congestion and the growing demand for mobility all place increasing burdens on transport systems with negative impacts for businesses, residents and overall quality of life. A Smart City applies state-of-the-art solutions enabled and improved by holistic Integration for the sake of the people, of the administration, of the business as well as of the environment.


6:00 pm-6:30 pm: Opening

6:30 pm-7:00 pm: Introduction to Smart Cities by Lucia Casacia, Vice President, Cities and Infrastructure Projects, Siemens Canada & Dr. Tom Murad, Country Lead – Engineering, Technology & Academic Relations, Siemens Canada

7:00 pm-7:20 pm: Transportation Initiatives and Vision of the City of Toronto by Gregg Loanne, Manager of ITS, City of Toronto

7:20 pm-7:40 pm: Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto by Fahad Khan, Project Lead, City of Toronto

7:40 pm-8:00 pm: Focusing on Smart to Move Toronto from Good to Great by Natasha Apollonova, Associate Vice President, Policy, Toronto Board of Trade

8:00 pm-8:10 pm: Open Panel Discussion on Job Opportunities in Technology Infrastructure and Smart Cities

8:10 pm-8:20 pm: Q&A

8:20 pm-8:30 pm: Closing