IEEE Hardware Certification Workshop

Want to learn basic electronics? Stressed about AER201, and don’t know a thing about circuits? Want to make your own cool circuits project? Whatever your need might be, IEEE’s got your back with the Hardware Certification Workshop.

Come and learn about the basics of hardware, including: - Practical circuit design and analysis - Circuit breadboarding skills - How to debug a non-functioning circuit

The workshop will consist of a lecture led by an expert in the field, and a guided set of lab exercises. In these exercises, participants will analyze circuit schematics, assemble the physical circuits on breadboards, and test and debug their implemented circuits.

Successful participants will be awarded with a certification from IEEE University of Toronto, attesting to their proficiency in basic electronics. The workshop requires a $10 deposit, refunded upon completion of the workshop.

Spots are limited, sign up today at!

Hope to see you there!