Grad Talks: Electromagnetics

Professor Sean Hum will be talking about the exciting research that is going on in the Electromagnetics Group in the ECE department at UofT! Research topics in advanced antennas for satellite communications, cloaking, wireless power transfer, computational electromagnetics, and electromagnetic metamaterials will be discussed. Faculty members will be introduced and ways to get involved with electromagnetics in both your coursework and other projects will be presented.

Learn more about Professor Hum here:

Food and drinks provided!

See below for full schedule of talks:

Deepa Kundur Communications Tues 12-1pm, Nov 21 BA 2179

Luca Scardovi Systems Control Thur 1-2 pm, Nov 23 SF 2202

Jason Anderson Computer Engineering Thur 6-7pm, Nov 23 BA 2155

Sean Hum Electromagnetics Fri 12-1pm, Nov 24 BA 2135

Naomi Matsuura Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology Tues 12-1pm, Nov 28 BA 2179

Francis Dawson Energy Systems Thur 12-1pm, Nov 30 HA 403