IEEE Energy & Power Talk - Professor Dawson

Interested in summer research or graduate studies opportunities in the UofT ECE related to Energy or Power? Distinguished professors will be offering presentations each week about their respective specialized research areas, and how you can get involved. Come, learn and network! Pizzas and drinks will be provided!

Thursday, March 30th 10-11AM @GB248 Professor Dawson will be giving you a grad-school expectations, and life-lasting tips on job search, and personal marketing! (UNHAPPY STUDENT IS NOT IN A SUPERVISOR’S INTEREST, SO FIND OUT HOW TO BE HAPPY WITH YOUR WORK!) He will also be discussing the different types of industrial projects he has been involved in over the past 25 years, and also the challenges he is facing with the current projects. Bio:

Thursday, March 2nd 12-1pm Prof. Josh Taylor will give a research-oriented talk about improving electric grid reliability! Prof Taylor will be talking about utilizing financial storage rights to integrate energy storage into electricity markets, and how machine learning can be used for demand response to provide system regulation services in real time. Bio: