Demystify Machine Learning

Machine learning seems to be the hottest topic in the software industry now, but what actually is it? IEEE UofT is going to demystify it with a series of ML talks!

Professors with research focused on machine learning and its applications will be offering seminars each week about their specialized research areas, and how you can get involved.

Come, learn and network! Pizzas and drinks will be provided!

==================== Wednesday, Feb 15, 1-2pm @BA2185 Prof. Parham Aarabi Research Areas: Reasoning and Learning, Signal Processing, and Image Processing. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and won several research/teaching awards including the Gordon R. Slemon Teaching of Design Award, the University of Toronto Inventor of the Year award, and MIT’s TR35 “Top Young Innovator” award. Parham is also the founder and CEO of ModiFace, the world’s leading beauty/medical augmented reality company, and one of America’s fastest growing companies. Bio: ====================

Past talks:

Tuesday, Jan 30, 12-1pm @BA2195 Prof. Scott Sanner Research Areas: Machine Learning and Large-scale Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, and Smart Cities Applications. He will be talking about methods that can scale to large data and provide state-of-art recommendation results across public and private datasets. Bio: ====================