Bug-A-Thon & Web App Testing

TL;DR: Learn and practice software/web-app testing and earn CASH PRIZES up to $300!!!

Curious about how software development and testing is like in the industry? Learned about software testing, but feeling frustrated that there isn’t any real commerical product for you to practice on? Then this competition is for you - a web-application testing competition brought to you by IEEE UofT student branch with ELL Technologies!

This event consists of 2 parts:

  1. Workshop on Software/Web-application Testing: The workshop will be conducted by ELL’s software engineers, and will cover topics such as: software quality and testing, software development lifecycle, frontend web dev and testing, etc.

  2. Bug-finding Competition: i.e. a “bug-a-thon” for you to put what you learned to the test! You will be uncovering bugs of ELL Technologies’ e-Learning products. You are allowed to use any open source tools that you can find to help you to uncover more bugs, or even write your own automated test code. ELL engineers will be there to judge your performance real-time, and you will receive the most points if you uncover behavorial/logic-related bugs, especially if you can find the cause. The top three participants with the most scores will be awarded with prize money:

1st place: $300 2nd place: $150 3rd place: $100

Not to mention, LUNCH, DINNER, DRINKS, and SNACKS will be provided! No registration is required, just show up on time. See you there debuggers!