Tech News: The Tiny Robots Will See You Now

The Tiny Robots Will See You Now

Researchers have been developing robots of extremely small sizes. Tiny robots have had successes in delivery, precision, surgery, sensing of biological targets and detoxification. Drug delivery has especially been the most promising commercial application. There are some interesting facts about these tiny robots. Firstly, they are hard to move and power. Many of them are chemically or magnetically powered; researchers continue to search for new energy sources to increase the duration and effectiveness. Secondly, the robots can perform surgery as they can remove certain tissues. These robots work in groups to perform a certain action. In order to leave no robots in the patient’s body, they are made of biodegradable materials so they disappear after some time. These miniscule robots continue to be researched as researchers predict that they will likely “have a major impact” in use for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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