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Can you believe that September is almost over and October is right around the corner!!? Since preparing Halloween costume is probably the biggest excitement during October, why not try this illuminated costume by Adafruit? Read more

Organic solar cells could be sewn into clothes in the near future to power wearable devices. Read more

Researchers have been developing robots of extremely small sizes. Tiny robots have had successes in delivery, precision, surgery, sensing of biological targets and detoxification. Drug delivery has.. Read more

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Capturing moments of long series of action is always hard: Either it is blurry, or we just miss the critical moment. Peeq, a startup company, makes use of smartphones and wearable technologies to solve this problem. Read more

One of the disappoints that is continuously brought up in elections, such as the one on November 8th, is the low number of voter turnout. Online voting has been a proposed solution to this problem; however, it is yet to be implemented due to the security difficulties associated with it.... Read more

What’s new about 3D printing? Researchers are now able to create bone grafts with suitable strength and flexibility, and even allow body to regenerate new bone on its own! Despite choosing the right combination of materials as ink, researchers printed the artificial bone graft at room temperature instead of hot-melt... Read more

Thanks everyone for coming out to our annual interview workshop last week! We hope you have learned more about technical interviews from returning PEY students and interviewers from Google, Amazon, AMD, OPG, etc. Good luck on your future interviews! Read more